Best Colors For A Sunroom

adding a sunroom like this gorgeous white sunroom facing a landscape is perfect to amp up your home's financial value

Best Colors For A Sunroom

Myrtle Beach sunrooms should be open, relaxing spaces that invite your family and guests to come in and sit. The sunroom addition is the transitional space between your indoor lifestyle and the outdoor space you use for dining and entertaining, so you want the color scheme and décor to match your home’s feel. Because you want your Four Seasons Sunroom to reflect the outdoors, your colors should mirror those found in nature.


If you want to fill your sunroom Myrtle Beach space with pops of color or vibrant furniture, painting the room a crisp white may be the best neutral. Plus, you can use different décor items to add patterns and texture. Your LifeRoom home addition will be the go-to place for family dinners, parties, and movie night. With all that foot traffic, you’re going to need a rug that can take some wear but last for years to come. Go for fun prints to add warmth and texture to the room.

Natural Landscape

If your sunroom Myrtle Beach is lined with windows, a color often found in nature will help the space blend in with the outdoors. Opt for a brown, green, blue, white or gray as a base, then incorporate more vibrant colors with floral prints or live plants. If you want to mimic the outdoors, go for a light blue on the walls and use a wood flooring material. Furniture that conceals electronics will also add to the natural theme. Hanging or potted plants will enhance your theme. Not sure which types of plants grow best in a Myrtle Beach sunroom or LifeRoom? Check out our list.


We admit, “rustic” isn’t necessarily a color, but it does bring a vivid picture to your mind, right? Think of filling your Myrtle Beach Four Seasons Sunroom with country chic furniture, wooden photo frames and décor painted in a distressed country white. Hints of teal or pale yellow work well with this theme, so consider an accent wall with wallpaper or artwork that has pops of color. Choose accents in the sunroom, like lighting and pillows, in a slightly darker brown to provide balance.


Go for the unexpected and select a beachy coral or sea blue color scheme for your Myrtle Beach enclosed sunroom. Instead of adding a pop of color with accent pillow or picture frames, use the color on the walls or go for a red sofa. The sunroom addition will always put you in a happy state of mind when you’re surrounded by a set of chairs in pink or a television stand in bright orange. Fill your sunroom Myrtle Beach with neutral accents, like white, gray, or cream.

Make your Myrtle Beach sunroom your own unique space that your family and guests will enjoy for years to come. The Carolina Home Exteriors team can walk you through your design options with a new home addition. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation.