Beautiful Doors for Coastal Carolina Homes

Odds are you didn’t get to pick the entry doors in your home; they came with the package. Maybe they look OK, but they’ve never been exactly what you wanted. Designers know the visual impact entry doors make to your home’s aesthetic.

  • Maybe the doors’ style or color don’t match the rest of your home?
  • Maybe your old doors seem flimsy and lightweight.
  • Maybe you’re just ready for change?

Advisar and Carolina Homes Exteriors are here to answer that need. 

Choose Your Door Design

Now form and function are available in a dizzying array of styles. Choose from two dozen Full Lite styles, maximizing the amount of light available, to ¾ Lite and Half Lite. Whatever style you choose, your entry doors will be the envy of all who come to visit. Solid doors are available with no glass (or partial glass), in Cheyenne, Craftsman, Panel and additional styles. Even the glass itself comes in dozens of styles to suit every aesthetic. But there’s more…much more.

Stylish, Durable, & Hurricane-Rated Options

While anyone can make a pretty door, only Advisar’s quality craftsmanship and proprietary composite materials can make a pretty door that’s hurricane rated. These doors look like wood, but will not rot or let water or even air seep into your home. Durability and storm protection meets style, and only Carolina Home Exteriors can help you design, order and install Advisar doors. With an exclusive agreement for Coastal South Carolina your door can be installed in a matter of weeks. This is a vast improvement over the old model of ordering a door, waiting months for the mill and finding a damaged door delivered only further delaying your installation. Out with the old, in the new, better and safer! Advisar.

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