5 Benefits of a Sunroom for Retirees in Myrtle Beach

Whether you’re planning to travel the world or just sleep in every once in a while, retirement should be enjoyed. More than 40 percent of retirees plan to downsize in their Golden Years, but there’s nothing about downsizing that suggests you can’t do it while enjoying nature. A custom sunroom for retirees is the ideal way to enjoy the coastal weather, take in your garden, and still stay protected from the sun and insects.

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Plenty of Space for Guests

Now that you live at the beach and spend your days soaking in the sun, you’re likely to have a full house during the warm summer months. From grandchildren to far-off friend, a Three Seasons or Four Seasons Sunroom can be used as an extra guest space. Add an air mattress or fold-out sofa to the area to give your guests their own area.

interior of sunroom with plants

Ideal for House Plants

If gardening is a hobby you’ve always loved or always wanted to try, a sunroom gives you the opportunity to grow plants and flowers. The space has direct access to sunlight and you can enjoy caring for your plants without being in the hot sun for hours. Need some help on which plants grow best in a sunroom? We’ve got you covered with our sunroom plants guide.

Best View for a Home Office

Retirement doesn’t always mean you stop work completely. If you’re going to take on a side gig, or maybe you just like journaling each day, use your sunroom as a home office. The space is bright and gives you an instant office with a view. Add a desk and a shelf full of your materials to make the space usable yet versatile if you need to use the area for another purpose.

interior of sunroom with table in myrtle beach

Great for Entertaining Guests

Whether you’re always hosting weekend dinner parties with your neighbors or a local book club, the sunroom is the perfect space. Because each sunroom is custom built, you can make the space as large as you desire. Make room for a large dinner table or keep the space quaint for more intimate entertaining.

Perfect Reading Nook

Are you working through the list of 100 Books Everyone Should Read? Maybe you’re just excited to finish a complete book. Either way, a sunroom gives you a comfortable space to curl up with your favorite book and enjoy a beautiful view.

Just What You Need

If the idea of waking up each morning and enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the cool morning breeze is pulling you in, a sunroom addition is exactly what you need. The space will become the way you begin and end each day in your retirement. A sunroom is your personal view of the coast’s best sunrises and sunsets, but that’s not the only reason you need a sunroom during your retirement.

It’s time to enjoy your retirement with a sunroom. A sunroom for retirees has so many versatile uses, you’ll continue to find reasons to rediscover the room. The Carolina Home Exteriors team is ready to explain your options.