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Exterior Additions That Can Make Your Home More Practical And Friendly This Season

Your home is one of your largest assets. This season, it's about time to treat it that way. A lot of homeowners in South Carolina don't see the real value of enclosures, room upgrades or easy fixes that could make their homes more practical, convenient and useful at the same time.

Not only keeping up with your exterior maintenance will help you prevent damage and promote safety on your property - it will help you think outside the box and opt out for new upgrades every once and then. Today, we are listing three great exterior ideas you can incorporate into your home and enjoy the season!

1. Pool Enclosures If your pool needs a lot of maintenance or you rarely use it, it's time to seriously think about pool enclosures. There are tons of benefits when it comes to pool enclosures. Firstly, they allow you to reduce the chemical use. Also, they improve your health and reduce the risk of any pool injuries. And most importantly, pool enclosures in South Carolina are a great option for creating an outdoor living space all year-round. Yes - this means that with pool enclosures, your swimming area will be open every season!

2. Screen Rooms Screen rooms are basically enclosures of your open-air property that can be boxed up and made ready for the autumn and winter seasons. There are a lot of benefits of screen room enclosures, one of which is the ability to extend your home's size and create an extra room for activities of all kinds. If you own a house with a glorious view, screen rooms can definitely accent the beauty of your surroundings and let you enjoy it all year round.

3. Sun Rooms Similar to screen rooms, sun rooms are type of enclosures that lets you enjoy the sunshine in every time of the year. The main benefit is obviously the sun coming inside your room and you being filled up with vitamin D on a regular basis. But aside from that, sun room enclosures are a great addition to a home and can be the perfect area for gatherings or family lunches.

Trust us - drinking your coffee in the morning under the sun can definitely make you more productive and happy.

Now is the time to consider upgrading your home and install some of these enclosures. If you are interested to hear how much each of these exterior upgrades costs – count on the experts at Carolina home exteriors! Call us at 843-651-6514.